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Jonathan Taylor Thomas - he's the #1 Teen Star or, the #1 TV show, Home Improvement, and in the #1 movie of all time, The Lion King!

With all these credits - and lots more - to his name, it's amazing to realize JTT is only fourteen years old! And he hasn't even scratched the surface of his talent yet. But there's a lot more to this raspyvoiced cutey who has garnered millions of fans via his TV and movie work. He isn't the most popular teen star all over the world just because he's cute and funny. No, there's much, much more to JTT, and within these pages you'll get to know what makes him so special.

You can't pass a newsstand without seeing JTT's smiling face on all the covers of the teen magazines. But when you open those fan wags, you get just a taste of the real dynamo who has taken Hollywood by storm. Now you can find out the full story: where he came from; how he got started in show business; what he's like at home and on the set of Home Improvement; who he's friends with, his upcoming projects; and what is really near and dear to his heart.

What many may find surprising is that, in spite of his young age, JTT has reached out and touched more than fans, more than TV and movie viewers. Influenced by his mom, Claudine, who was once a social worker, JTT has a desire to help those who need it the most. Involved with many organized charities, he understands that a little of his time can make the day for children who aren't as fortunate as he. Whether it's visiting kids in hospitals or working on a telethon to encourage kids to pledge community service, JTT is there. It's a fact; he will do anything he can to make other kids happy.

But there's even more here. There are the behind-the-scenes rumors that circulate about any star - and the truth about all of them! There's a peep at what life is like on the set of Horne Improvement - and the laugh-a-minute relationship he has with his TV dad, Tim Allen. There's the heartwarming relationship JTT has with his mom and his older brother, Joel. And there's the answer to the question: Why is JTT so popular?

JTT isn't your typical shooting star. He's different, and that quality is going to keep him front and center for a long time to come. The fact is, the only thing he really shares with his smart-alecky TV character, Randy, is his unfailing energy. In reality, JTT is one of the most compassionate, spirited, articulate, highly intelligent kids you would want to meet. And his fans recognize this. That's why he truly inspires them. He demands the best in himself, and he brings out the best in others.

Enjoy this very private look at JTT, and you'll find out to know him to is to definitely love him!