He's the hottest new teen star on the big and small screens, but a full schedule, millions of fans, and countless charitable appearances haven't stopped Jonathan Taylor Thomas from adding more projects to his full plate! They're all here, from his hit TV show, Home Improvement, to blockbuster movies like Disney's The Lion King, Man of the House, Tom and Huck and Pinocchio.

Join him behind the scenes and learn what's it's like to work with Tim Allen, Chevy Chase, Farrah Fawcett and others; the perks and pitfalls of stardom; how he makes time for his favorite causes; what kind of girl appeals to him-and more!

Read all about the guy you'd love to meet ... Jonathan Taylor Thomas!



Baby StepsBaby Steps

A Model ChildA Model Child

A New HomeA New Home

Hangin with the Home BoysHangin' with the Home Boys

The Voice of Choice!The Voice of Choice!

The Mane EventThe Mane Event

Man of the HouseMan of the House

We are Number One!We're Number One!

Can You Feel the Love?Can You Feel the Love?

JTT ConfidentialJTT Confidential

Girls! Girls! Girls!Girls! Girls! Girls!

The Ups and Downs of FameThe Ups and Downs of Fame

Tom and HuckTom and Huck

The FutureThe Future

The Jonathan Taylor Thomas Fact FileThe Jonathan Taylor Thomas Fact File